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Game Ready Skills and Development Basketball Training and our annual Summer Development Basketball Camp exist to teach and improve the basketball skills of youth ages 10 through 17.  We help aspiring athletes reach their full potential through instruction and training that emphasize fundamentals and discipline.


Game Ready SD training sessions teach the essence of competition, hard work, and teamwork that directly lead to improvement in all areas of the game. Training is structured by age and skill level to ensure each client is thoroughly involved which helps our staff go above and beyond as they provide a fun and enjoyable basketball experience.

Training Options

Individual & Group Skills Training

Simply playing for an AAU, Church or Recreation team is just not enough.  Game Ready Skills and Development Basketball Training with Ricky Price will help take your game to the next level. To become a better basketball player, you must focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

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Speed & Agility Training

To be the best you have to train like the best! Game Ready Skills and Development Speed and Agility Training exists to help you reach your full potential. Our trainers push you to the max with speed courses, ladder drills, reactions drills and plyometric training that will build better footwork, increase endurance, and create that burst that is needed to blow by your defender and finish strong.

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Video Review Training

Having one of our skilled coaches walk you through the video of your workouts and show you where improvements can be made is invaluable. You not only work harder, but work smarter. We will point out your strengths and weakness and teach you how to quickly identify your next move in-game situations through the power of Game Ready Video Training!

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“Charlotte has been home to me for over 10 years. People have always asked me to do a basketball camp and now the time has finally come to make it a reality. It’s time to share my knowledge of the game with today’s youth. I feel obligated to help any and everybody who loves this game as much as I do. Through Game Ready Skills and Development I hope to give back to the Charlotte Community in more ways than one. I hope to inspire every boy and girl that trains with us, so they can become the player they always dreamed of.”

Ricky Price  



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