Corporate Continuing Education

Corporate Continuing Education



“People are an investment, not like a commodity, but like a garden. Give them the proper soil from which to grow and provide an environment for them in which to thrive, and the will pay you back for a lifetime. Happier people are more productive people. It’s the evolution of team building.”

Corporate Team Building through Hoops is a corporate training program whose resolve is to teach the principles of teamwork through basketball. Our purpose is to show how teamwork in basketball is highly similar to teamwork in corporations. The foundation of Game Ready is built upon five pillars. These pillars identify the characteristics necessary to produce better leaders and more productive employees. Through a series of basic basketball drills and stations, participants learn how to work together to accomplish a given task. The result is a team who recognizes the value of working collaboratively for the benefit of your corporation.

There are real benefits to incorporating team building activities into your company, including:

• Increased efficiency through sharing of common practices, questions, concerns and challenges

• Better problem solving through networking and sharing solutions to common challenges

• Increased morale leading to higher retention, efficiency and creativity

• A more cohesive, united vision and mission

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